Donna Summer, Gino Soccio, and Delores Hall, presented by Steve

5 04 2011

Donna Summer ~ She Works Hard For The Money ~ Casablanca ~ 1982

The title track to her 11th album, this track had the disco diva back in the charts in a big way. Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the American R&B carts, and a number 1 here in the UK.

Gino Soccio ~ The Visitors ~ RFC records ~ 1980

From the LP ‘Outline’. Canadian Gino Soccio is well known to most listeners to this show and this is one of the ‘other’ tracks to do well for him stateside from the same LP that had the number 1 US Disco tracks ‘Dancer’ and ‘Dance To Dance’.

Delores Hall ~ Snapshot ~ Capitol records ~ 1979

Soul singer Delores Hall went ultra disco for this track, one that has one of THE most awkward intros ever and must have caught out many an unsuspecting DJ BITD. This was a track that Capitol records obviously thought was going to be big in the UK, as they rushed in US imports before the official UK release.

OOOOOOOOOOH NO! Doesn’t look like there’s a video – so here’s a snapshot of the album cover – get it? Snapshot? … Oh never mind!



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