Earth Wind & Fire, Kleeer, and The O’Jays, from Paul

8 04 2011

It’s the first three tracks from Show 76

Earth Wind & Fire ~ System Of Survival ~ Columbia ~ 1987

In 1987, CBS Records convinced Philip Bailey and Maurice White that a reunion of Earth Wind & Fire would be a great idea. This was their comeback hit, “System of Survival” made number 1 on the Billboard R&B charts, and 54 in the UK. It was written by Skylark.

Kleeer ~ Tonight’s The Night ~ Atlantic ~ 1979

Formed in 1972, the band Kleeer have had a few name changes in their history. They started out as Pipeline but then to the Jam by the mid-’70s. In 1977 they changed their name again as the British punk band The Jam became a sensation so they became the Universal Robot Band. In 1979 they signed to Atlantic Records using the name Kleeer.

“Tonight’s the Night” is the opening track from their second album released in 1979 entitled “I Love To Dance”. The track was written by band members Norman Durham and Woody Cunningham, and produced by Dennis King

The O’Jays ~ Sing A Happy Song ~ Philadelphia International records ~ 1979

Written and produced by Gamble & Huff, from their platinum selling “Identify Yourself” album. The single only made 102 on the Hot 100 but 7 on the R&B and 39 over here.

Here’s a brilliant short clip …

And here’s the full 7″ version

O’Jay’s ~ Sing A Happy Song~ Philadelphia International records ~ 1979




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