Rod, Gayle Adams, and Sparque, selected by Steve

15 04 2011

It’s the first three tracks from this weeks show as selected by Mr Q

Rod ~ Shake It Up (Do The Boogaloo) ~ Prelude ~ 1981

Here we have one of two big records for ROD, the other one being ‘Keep On Walking’, which I’ll have to include in a future show. The mix we have here is different to the 12” and slightly inferior, but without going into storage and finding my 12” copy………

Gayle Adams ~ Your Love Is A Life Saver ~ Prelude ~ 1980

Two in a row on Prelude and a Francois Kevorkian mix for Gayle Adams. In the USA this had an overdub version of the immaculate’ Stretch In Out’ on the other side. What a scorcher!

Sparque ~ Let’s Go Dancin’ ~ West End Records ~ 1981

And so as to not make it a Prelude whitewash, here’s one on another of the top Disco labels out of New York City, West End Records. Disco unofficially ended in 1980 in the USA, after the Comiskey Park Disco Demolition Night incident in July ’79 had signalled a ritual rebellion against it, but for many people, the early ‘80s were the time when some of the absolute best material was released.




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