Alexander O’Neal, David Sanborn, and Don Blackman, picked by Paul

19 04 2011

Alexander O’Neal ~ Hearsay ~ Tabu ~ 1987

Title track of the 1987 album written & produced by Jam & Lewis.

It’s nothin’ but hearsay
That’s causing you heartache
Because a lie’s not the truth
Unless you’re believin’

David Sanborn ~ Slam ~ Warners ~ 1988

Originally from 1988, David Sanborn with Slam from The Close Up album. The track was written and produced by Marcus Miller who also played the bass and keyboards, and Nile Rogers was the rhythm guitarist

Don Blackman ~ Heart’s Desire ~ Arista ~ 1982

Originally from Queens in New York pianist, singer, songwriter, producer Don Blackman ~ Heart’s Desire from his self-titled debut solo album on Arista from 1982. Produced by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen.

At the beginning of the 1970s, he played with Parliament / Funkadelic, EW&F and Roy Ayers, before becoming a member of Lenny White’s group Twennynine for whom he penned songs such as “Peanut Butter” and “Morning Sunrise”. He’s got a long list of credits as a session musician and writer.

Here’s Don Blackman performing “Hearts’ Desire” at the Jazz Cafe, London, on the 30th of July 2010.




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