Miles Davis, Grover Washington Jr. and Eumir Deodato, selected by Steve

19 04 2011

Miles Davis ~ Time After Time ~ Columbia US 1984/CBS UK~ 1985

Oh boy, I remember playing this as a slowie BITD to a great reaction. If ever anyone wanted to find out the meaning of music genius, I’d suggest they listen to this track. Who else, with a pedigree such as his, could have taken a pop song by Cyndi Lauper, made a more than acceptable jazz version of such universal appeal?

Grover Washington Jr. ~ Mr. Winelight ~ Warner Bros ~ 1980

Taken from the classic Winelight album on Warner Bros. The most successful LP that Grover ever made in his illustrious career, including as it does ‘Just The Two Of Us’ with Bill Withers, Grover Washington won two Grammy awards on the back of it. Winelight is so smooth in a Barry White kinda way, if you get my drift, but still has some fantastic jazz licks.

Eumir Deodato ~ Also Sprach Zarathustra ~ CTI records ~ 1972

Taken from the 1972 Prelude album. Unless you were there, you really can’t imagine the impact this track had, at the time. To say it knocked people’s socks off would be an understatement. It also had the effect that the Strauss family refused copyright clearance on adaptations of the originally classical piece written by Richard Strauss in 1896 that was subsequently used in the opening sequence of the 1968 Stanley Kubrick film ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. A number 2 in the US, number 7 UK (both in 1973). It won a Grammy ‘best pop instrumental’ 1974. Both the album ‘Prelude’ and this single were CTI’s biggest selling records.

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