Jackson Sisters, Jackson 5, and Billy Preston, selected by Steve

22 04 2011

Jackson Sisters ~ I Believe In Miracles ~ Prophecy Records USA ~ 1973

Here’s a track that gained a cult status on the Rare Groove scene and subsequently had lots of younger House DJs singing its praises too. SFAIK this is the remix by Simon Harris. Gene page was the arranger.

Jackson 5 ~ Hum Along and Dance ~ Motown ~ 1973

First recorded by The Temptations and on their LP ‘Psychedelic Shack’ but sounding very different, the Jackson 5 got hold of it and made it into this powerhouse of a track. An early Disco track?

Here’s a later version from their 1977 TV show …

Billy Preston ~ Outa-Space ~ A&M ~ 1972

Another fine example of club/disco music from the early seventies that had a strong 4/4 beat and signalled the direction that dance music was about to take. In my first club residency, this was one of THE biggest tracks so different from the only other solo number we played by him at the time ‘Billy’s bag’ from 1965, prior to his involvement with the Beatles. It reached number 44 on UK chart.




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