Gato Barbieri, Curiosity Killed The Cat, and Rodney Franklin, as played by Paul in Show 78

25 04 2011

Here’s three more tracks from this weeks show – two totally cool tunes with a surprise in the middle!

Gato Barbieri ~ Fiesta ~ A&M ~ 1976

Argentian tenor sax player From his “Caliente!” album written By Gato Barbieri and produced by Herb Alpert. This is a perfect Summer CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Curiosity Killed The Cat ~ Down To Earth ~ Mercury ~ 1986

I thought this might go down like a lead balloon in the JFSR chat-room but I was wrong – looks like it’s a guilty pleasure for quite a few people. A UK number 3 for British band Curiosity Killed The Cat with the distinctive vocals of Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot. Written by the band with the lions share from member Toby Anderson who was also in Funkapolitan (As The Time Goes By).

Rodney Franklin ~ The Groove ~ Columbia ~ 1980

We’ve played it before – we’ll be playing it again – an absolute Jazz Funk CLASSIC! Originally taken from the album “You’ll Never Know”.




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