Robin Beck, New Jersey Connection, and Eastside Connection, selected by Steve

26 04 2011

Robin Beck ~ Sweet Talk ~ Mercury ~ 1979

Robin Beck from her 1979 LP ‘Sweet Talk’. A definite Chic clone (the LP featuring Luther Vandross & Irene Cara on some tracks), this was one of those rare singles that sounded more Chic than Chic (at the time). It was 9 more years before she came to the attention of everyone with her worldwide smash ‘First Time’ which hit after being used in a Coca Cola Advert.

New Jersey Connection ~ Love Don’t Come Easy ~ Carnival Records US, Nite Life UK ~ 1981

No, this is nothing to do with Interstate 278, but has everything to do with a club hit in the UK that still has plenty of fans. Featuring vocalist Kenny Bristol, this was the only track that I saw by them, but what a cracking choon.

Eastside Connection ~ You’re So Right For Me ~ Rampart US/Creole UK ~ 1977

From their name you may have thought this group were from New York or even Chicago, but no, they were from Los Angeles. Released on rainbow coloured marble effect vinyl in the USA & UK, as was their follow up single ‘Frisco Disco’in the US, this track did really well for DJs all those years ago and made number 44 UK April 1978. The ‘B’ side entitled ‘Over Please’ is in fact the instrumental and there have been suggestions that this title was a typo mistake.




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