Jimmy Bo Horne, Goldie Alexander, and Pauli Carman, selected by Steve

29 04 2011

Jimmy Bo Horne ~ Is It In ~ Sunshine Sounds / TK ~ 1980

Also to be found in many countries as a double ‘A’ 12 single with Spank as the other side… WOW! Jimmy Bo Horne made some of the most infectious dance records anyone ever heard, so how come he’s not better known?

Goldie Alexander ~ Show You My Love ~ Chaz Ro US / Project ~ 1981

Don’t get me wrong, I love this record, BUT am I the only person who thinks the intro is so much tougher than most of the rest of the track, especially the vocal parts?

Pauli Carman ~ Dial My Number ~ Columbia US / CBS UK ~ 1986

With a track written and produced by David Frank & Mic Murphy of ‘The System’, Pauli Carman was in Champaign before branching out as a soloist and this was his one and only solo R&B hit making number 26 and number 7 Dance in the summer of ‘86.




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