Aurra, Spence, and Leon Haywood, selected by Steve

4 05 2011

Aurra ~ Happy Feeling ~ Next Plateau Records US/Ten Records UK ~ 1985

Originally formed in 1979 as a spin-off from the band Slave and on Salsoul where they had four R&B hits, Aurra were one of those bands that laid down some some ferocious grooves, but usually within a fairly commercial context, so it’s surprising that outside dance and funk circles they are relatively unknown. Number 85 in the UK.

Spence ~ Get It On ~ Ariola Europe/ Arista UK ~ 1983

It looks like this never made release in the USA, which is a shame, as this really solid groove was a big club track throughout Europe. I loved playing it, but unfortunately I lost my copy when in storage, to a flood, so I was incredibly happy to track it down in a digital format.

Leon Haywood ~ I’m Out To Catch ~ Casablanca ~ 1983

If you listen, you can hear the ‘Don’t Push It, Don’t Force It’ guy only in the middle rap section of this track, otherwise it’s the vocals of Karen Roberts all the way, so how was it ever released under his name? A solid track that made number 27 on the US R&B chart.

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