Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes, Lani Hall, and Syreeta, from Steve

5 05 2011

Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes ~ Don’t Leave Me This Way ~Philadelphia Int ~ 1975

We’re going to the disco for my final three tracks today and first up an absolute Philly Disco classic, BUT unlike so many of their records, you won’t find this in the US top 40 R&B charts. It was released as a double ‘A’ 12” in the US together with ‘Bad Luck’, but was never a single release in the USA as such. Number 3 US Disco, and 5 UK top 40.

Lani Hall ~ Double Or Nothing ~ A&M ~ 1978

I know what you’re probably saying.. Lani Who? Well, she was a member of Sergio Mendes Brasil 66 until 1971 when she started her solo career. In 1974 she married A&M founder Herb Alpert and after raising their family returned to music and is still active today. In 1985 she won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop performance.

Syreeta ~ Can’t Shake Your Love ~ Motown ~ 1981

Who knew that Syreeta could be so funky and ‘get a groove on’? Lifted from her album ‘Set My love In Motion’, it had the equally funky ‘Move It, Do It’ promoted to the lead track on promo 12”, that found her sounding slightly Chic’ish, but I know which side I prefer.

So, that it – the whole show. CLICK HERE to go to the Podomatic podcast and you can stream the whole show and here it with our added nonsense.




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