Sadie Nine, Konk, The Quick, the show starters from Steve

6 05 2011

Sadie Nine ~ Let’s Work It Out ~ Record Shack Records ~ 1986

This is a track I had on white label and used to play a fair amount as it sorta fitted in with the House and Garage tracks that were beginning to turn up in ever increasing numbers. Sadie Nine was, for a brief moment, considered a true disco diva in Russia and can currently be found as a presenter on BBC local radio.

Konk ~ Your Life ~ Sleeping Bag US / 4th & Broadway UK ~ 1984

Onto a track I used to drop like a madman and one that found its way onto a mix I did for DMC, only to be left out of the credits… such is life. Play this track on a loud system and the bass shakes everything. They had a few other tracks, but nothing quite as good as this dancefloor monster.

The Quick ~ Zulu ~ Epic UK/ Pavillion US ~ 1981

Surprisingly, a number 1 US dance hit (2 weeks) for this British Duo and a track that I played well into the mid ‘80s, as it still sounded fresh even then. It was remixed by John Luongo and for my money, it’s one of his best and I’ll never understand how it never broke big in the UK as it didn’t make the top 75. ‘Pick up that spear and fight, now that the time is right…Zulu man’.




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