The Commodores, Lee Ritenour, and Stacey Lattisaw, picked by Paul

8 05 2011

Here’s the first three from Paul (Paul Leighton aka Paul The Party DJ, and various other things including “Paul Light-on according to some of our American jingles) for Show 80 which goes to air on Disco 935~ New York’s Jammer tonight!

Commodores ~ Lady (You Bring Me Up) ~ Motown ~ 1981

On Motown from their “In The Pocket” album, The Commodores ~ Lady (You Bring Me Up). Written by band members Harold Hudson and William King with Shirley King. It peaked at number 8 on the Hot 100, 5 on the US R&B and 56 over here on the UK chart. I didn’t really remember being that keen on this track back in the day BUT I love it now!

Lee Ritenour ~ Turn The Heat Up ~ GRP ~ 1987
Jazz Guitarist Captain Fingers aka Lee Ritenour and Turn The Heat Up from his 1987 “Portrait” album on GRP Records.

This was the only version I could find on YouTube, it’s actually a tribute to an Italian American chef, writer, television personality – but the music is Lee Ritenour – “Turn The Heat Up” – you see what they’ve done there … she’s a cook – “Turn The Heat Up”!

Stacey Lattisaw ~ Jump To The Beat ~ Cotillion ~ 1980

A record that, according to Wikipedia, didn’t chart in the US but made number 3 in the UK! From her “Let Me Be Your Angel’ album on Cotillion, written by Narada Michael Walden and his ex-wife Lisa.




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