Brothers Johnson, The Dukes, and Level 42, selected by Paul

11 05 2011

Brothers Johnson ~ You Keep Me Coming Back~ A&M ~ 1984

Following their split in 1982 the brothers reunited briefly in 1984 to record an album. Produced by Leon Sylvers “Out of Control” did not equal their past success, but “You Keep Me Coming Back”
did get them a number 12 US R&B and 22 US Dance.

The Dukes ~ Mystery Girl ~ WEA ~ 1981

This is one of those jams that has always sounded great. Written by Bugatti & Musker and produced by Arif Mardin The Dukes with a UK No. 47 from the Autumn of 1981 Mystery Girl

Level 42 ~ Something About You ~ Polydor ~ 1985

Written by the band with Wally Badarou from their World Machine album. “Something About You” was also their first (and only) US Top 10 the following year and also went the Top 5 in Canada and the Top 20 in Italy. in the UK 6 Hot 100 7 US Dance 4

This is the Shep Pettibone remix we played




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