Patrick Boothe, Rick James, Ashphalt Jungle and Funk Fusion Band, selected by Steve

13 05 2011

Patrick Boothe ~ Dance All Night ~ Streetwave Records UK ~ 1982

A Streetwave original recording and featuring ‘The Phenix Horns Esq.’ (presumably the Phoenix Horns of EW&F fame) I only sorta half remember this track, although I must have played it a fair amount when looking at the marks around the centre hole on the disc. Patrick has a famous cousin, the reggae artist Ken Boothe and this record, Dance All Night, was his first solo single to be released.

Rick James – Glow ~ Gordy Records US/UK ~ 1985
Here’s one that lit up the JFSR chat-room on Thursday. For me, one of Rick’s finest singles, it’s like a train that just chugs and chugs and chugs. I just love the way the rhythm is sooo solid and for some reason when I hear it, it brings a picture of a huge auditorium into my mind. Maybe it’s just the reverb that’s used on the drums that does it. Well, we’ve had Stadium Rock, maybe this is an example of Stadium Funk or Stadium Punk Funk.

Ashphalt Jungle ~ Freakin’ Time ~ TEC Records ~ 1979
Funk Fusion Band ~ Can You Feel It ~ WMOT ~ 1981

Both these tracks are in effect the same, except one is more instrumental and the lyrics are different in both tunes. They certainly use the same basic rhythm and backing tracks. The funk Fusion band ‘B’ side has “created and edited by Nick Martinelli and David Todd from a Keith Benson production” on it and Keith Benson was on the writing and production credits of the Ashphalt Jungle track. BTW have you ever wondered what WMOT stood for? Well, it was “We Men Of Talent” and although a subsidiary of west coast label Fantasy records, it was domiciled in Philadelphia.




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