Slick, El Coco, and Foxy, picked by Steve

17 05 2011

Slick ~ Space Bass ~ Fantasy records ~ 1979

Slick – Space Bass Fantasy records 1979. One hit wonders Slick made #16 in the UK charts with this disco classic in July. I’d totally forgotten that this did so well, even though it was a record that I virtually played the grooves out of, back in ’79. In effect, the band were most of Fat Larry’s band and one of the vocalists was Brandi Wells. As a side note, Space Bass was also the name given to a star shaped bass guitar that Bootsy Collins played.

El Coco ~ Cocomotion ~ AVI US, Pye UK ~ 1977

Mssrs. Rinder & Lewis and a track that saw the duo do good business on UK dance floors in 1977 and again in ’79 when a remix called Cocomotion ’79 surfaced. Originally trained as Jazz musicians and part of the 60s and ‘70s rock scene, in 1975 Rinder & Lewis changed direction and over the next seven years, together they wrote, recorded and produced the music to over 500 television shows, 35 films and 46 albums. It’s been suggested that El Coco is a reference to Cocaine.

Foxy ~ Get Off ~ TK UK ~ 1978

A Miami band that was lead by Ish Ledesma who wrote most of their material, arranged, produced and played guitar in the band (it’s him who does the distinctive talkbox sounds throughout this gem). This track, the only single to be released from the album of the same name and made number 9 on the Bilboard Hot 100, number 1 on the R&B singles chart (named the ‘Hot Soul singles’ chart at the time) and was a giant disco hit. How I used to love segueing this track at the point where the Woo, woo woos was sooooo dramatic and totally radical for a Southampton DJ.

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