Chic, Bob McGilpin, and Eumir Deodato, as played by Steve

19 05 2011

Chic ~ Chic Cheer ~ Atlantic ~ 1978

From their ‘C’est Chic’ album this track has garnered far more respect following House DJs rummage through anything and everything that may have been a building block of the ‘House’ sound. An album track that made its way onto the ‘B’ side of ‘I Want Your Love’ in the UK, but one I really liked.

Bob McGilpin ~ Sexy Thing ~ Butterfly ~ 1979

I personally didn’t see too many releases from Bob McGilpin and that was one of the marvellous things about Disco music. It threw up artists from every conceivable corner of the music business and gave them their 15 minutes of fame. Having said that, Bob McGilpin had slightly more than fifteen minutes, his best known track being Superstar, from his first of three LPs.

Eumir Deodato ~ Peter Gunn ~ MCA ~ 1976

Just how did Deodato go from making lush instrumental/orchestral jazz and funk to the stripped down funk of the ‘80s is one of life’s mysteries. This version certainly did well for him on the nation’s dancefloors. Written by Henry Mancini, it was originally the famous signature tune to the late ‘50s US TV series ‘Peter Gunn’.




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