The Gap Band, Shakatak, and Animal Nightlife, as played by Paul

21 05 2011

The Gap Band ~ Big Fun ~ Total Experience Records ~ 1986

Comprising of brothers Charlie, Ronnie and Robert Wilson, the band first formed as the Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band in 1967 in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The group shortened its name to The Gap Band and this, along with “Oops” was their their biggest UK hit peaking at number 4.

Shakatak ~ Down On The Street ~ Polydor~ 1984

From the Summer of 1984 Shakatak and Down On The Street it reached number 9 over here equaling their other biggest hit – Night Birds in 1982. Featuring Jill Saward who became their vocalist about this time for their 5th album “Down on the Street”. And that was the album that really broke them world wide – especially in Japan!

Animal Nightlife ~ Mr Solitaire ~ Island ~1984

Probably one our listeners in the States may not know – Animal Nightlife with a UK number 25 from the Autumn of 1984 Mr Solitaire. Featuring Andy Polaris on vocals and written by Roy Carter from Heatwave.




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