Flash & the Pan, and Sheila & B Devotion, played by Steve

27 05 2011

Here’s the first two tracks from this weeks show which was first broadcast yesterday on Jazz Funk Soul Radio.

Flash & the Pan – Waiting For A Train ~ .Easy Beat UK / Epic US ~ 1982

For our listeners in Australia – which reminds us, we have a few regular Podomatic listeners in Australia in the main cities BUT one listener keeps showing up in central Australia – and we mean CENTRAL – like in the middle – near … nowhere that we can see on the map. If that’s you, please get in touch, we’d love to know more about you. Anyway, here’s a great dance floor groove from back in the day – Flash & the Pan – Waiting For A Train was a Vanda & Young production out of Albert Studios, Sydney, Australia and a number 7 in the UK in 1983.

Sheila & B Devotion ~ Spacer ~ Carrere RecordsUK/US and Atlantic US promo ~ 1979

This one was very well received in the JFSR chat room yesterday, a product of the CHIC organisationthis, so far as I’m concerned was one of their finest moments. I’d only previously known of Sheila B ‘Singing In The Rain’ from a couple of years earlier; however, with this, Nile Rodgers + Bernard Edwards managed to make a truly haunting, truly classy sounding single that sold over 5 million copies worldwide. A number 18 here in the UK.




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