Montell Jordan, Salt ‘N’ Pepa, and R Kelly with Public Announcement, chosen by Steve

31 05 2011

Here’s three tracks that Steve loves to put together – he played it out at the Pretty In Pink Ball on Saturday night.

Montell Jordan ~ This Is How We Do It ~ Def Jam ~ 1995

The second artist to be signed to Def Jam records (after Oran ‘Juice’ Jones), this was Montell’s first record and his first hit (making #1 in the US, #11 UK) that also saw him have a Grammy nomination for best R&B vocal performance

Salt ‘N’ Pepa ~ Let’s Talk About Sex ~ Next Plateau Records ~ 1990

from their hugely successful third album ‘Black’s Magic, this track made #13 US hot 100 and #2 in the UK.

R Kelly with Public Announcement ~ She’s Got That Vibe ~ Jive ~ 1992.

Completing this trio of what I would call ‘goodtime music’ (and BTW I love the mix into this too) is a track lifted from a platinum selling album ‘Born Into The Nineties’ that made the top of the album charts in both US Billboard 200 and US R&B. It was R Kelly’s biggest single in the UK making #3 on re-release in Oct 1994 after reaching a lowly #57 on original release in 1992.




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