Steve picks Heaven & Earth, Ray Munnings, and the Criminal Element Orchestra

1 06 2011

Heaven & Earth ~ I Really Love You ~ WMOT Records ~ 1981

A boogie track that was their only single released on the label (SFAIK), it’s one of those tracks that can really get under the skin.

Ray Munnings ~ Funky Nassau ~ Tammi Records ~ 1979

A pretty rare 12” and a limited selling remake of the 1971 Beginning Of The End original that was a massive hit (selling over 2 million copies), the song was co-written by Raphael ‘Ray’ Munnings and both versions feature him singing

Want to know more?

Criminal Element Orchestra ~ Put The Needle To The Record ~ Criminal records ~ 1987

Written, Produced and mixed by Wally Jump Jnr (previously of ‘Wally Jump & the Criminal Element’s Jump Back’ fame) and on legendary producer Arthur Baker’s record label, this was later sampled by MARRS for their worldwide smash ‘Pump Up The Volume’. #63 UK Sept. ’87.




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