Funky 4 Plus 1, Kurtis Blow, and Rhythm Factory, selected by Steve

5 06 2011

Funky 4 Plus 1 ~ That’s The Joint ~ Sugar Hill Records US/UK ~ 1980

Listen closely and you can almost hear the bassline to Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Got To Be Real’ in parts of this track. It’s a little different to many of the early rap records in so much as it didn’t have an instantly recogniseable track as the background to the rapping and it has a female rapper included in the line-up.

Kurtis Blow ~ Party Time ~ Mercury Records ~ 1983

For my money, simply the best of the early rappers, as his records were really danceable and usually fairly tough too. The UK didn’t embrace the Washington DC Go-Go scene until a few years after this was released, but clearly this is a Go-Go inspired record and us DJs should have maybe been more alert. 92 UK in ’83, #67 UK in ’85, #35 R&B US.

Rhythm Factory ~ African Rhythms (Sax Mix) ~ Out records, Italy ~ 1992

From Go-Go to Italo acid jazz with a Go-Go rhythm, all put together by DJ Roberto Lodola who started DJing in 1982 and is still an active DJ today SFAIK. Shame the rapping isn’t more convincing, as the rest of the track is A1.

Here’s a different mix …

Coming up … tonight it’s Disco 935 ~ New York’s Jammer




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