Mass Production, Donald Byrd, and Casanova, picked by Steve

8 06 2011

Mass Production ~ Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music) ~ Cotillion/Atlantic ~ 1976

Recorded and mixed at the studios built by Jimi Hendrix, Electric Lady Studios, New York and the title track from their first LP, the nine-piece Richmond, Virginia band exploded onto the disco scene with this track. However, the era of large groups was coming to an end, so their fame was relatively short-lived, although they did release eight albums altogether and had three US R&B top 40 hits. #44 UK March ’77, #32 R&B US.

Donald Byrd ~ In Love With Love ~ Elektra ~ 1978

Taken from his album ‘Thank you… for F.U.M.L.’ here we find Donald in an almost pure disco vein, so much so, that I would be hard pressed to name him as the artist, if I were to hear this ‘blind’.

Coffee ~ I Wanna Be With You ~ De-Lite records ~ 1980

They had the BIG hit with Casanova, a great track, but so far as I’m concerned, this the follow up, was even better and such a strong dancer. It’s truly a joy to be playing this super slice of very late disco, with its loping, fluid bassline and pounding, relentless rhythm. Feel the Qualideeeee! #57 UK in December 1980.

It’s all on Show 84 which you can stream live or download from our Podomatic podcast service CLICK HERE




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