Michael Jackson, Sister Sledge, and Grey & Hanks ~ selected by Paul

10 06 2011

This weeks show starters courtesy of Paul The Party DJ ~ and here’s a party right here!

Michael Jackson ~ Get On The Floor ~ Epic ~ 1979

Track 4 on the “Off The Wall” album, written by Michael with Louis Johnson – listen to the fabulous distinctive bass – and produced by Quincy Jones.

Sister Sledge ~ Got To Love Somebody ~ Cotillion ~ 1979

The title track from their 1980 album “Love Somebody Today” ~, written by Rodgers and Edwards number 64 on the Hot 100 6 US R&B and UK number 34 in January 1980.

Grey & Hanks ~ Dancin’~ RCA ~ 1978

I have played this before but every time I hear it on other peoples shows I just play it continuously, so here it is again. Chicago based writing team Len Ron Hanks and Zane Grey from their 1978 “You Fooled Me” album. Among their many credits they wrote “Back In Love” for LTD.




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