Frequency, Modern Sound Corporation, and Sweet Cream, the final 3 from Show 85 as selected by Steve

14 06 2011

Frequency ~ Loosen Up ~ Hard Boiled Records ~ 1979

I actually have this and it’s one of those records that I look back at with some fondness. Not particularly for the record itself, but what it represented. A time when ‘hot’ disco singles would be rushed to the UK, either as bona fide imports, as stop gaps, or indeed as pre-release boosts to sales, to get some sales momentum going. What a time to be a DJ!

Modern Sound Corporation ~ Safari (part 2) ~ K-Tel Sweden/Sunshine Sound US/Epic UK ~ 1979

What a leftfielder this was! Originally recorded for K-Tel, Sweden, it somehow found favour with TK records who had the 12” remixes done by Wayne Casey and Richard Finch of KC & the Sunshine band fame. They really went to town on the spacey, dubby, broken beat part two, that was a million miles removed from the very commercial sounding part one.

Here’s part one courtesy of our very good friend LaybuyLee

Sweet Cream – I Don’t Know What I’d Do (If You Ever Left Me) Bareback Records US/Ember UK 1977

Dedicated to Remicks, a regular poster on who somehow links this with KC’s Get Down Tonight. Hmm, I think I know where you’re coming from. All I can say is… ENJOY!!!

Hear the whole show HERE




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