Parliament, Maze, Melvin Sparks and Kellee Patterson, played by Steve

20 06 2011

Parliament ~ Up For The Down Stroke ~ Casablanca ~ 1974

Oh, it was great to be a DJ back in the mid ‘70s, probably THE funkiest decade of all time. I’d known of Parliament from some 7 years earlier for the soulful (I Wanna) Testify, so when they unveiled their P-Funkiness, it was a bit of a shock! A pleasant shock, it has to be said. #10 US R&B

Check out the advert!

and here’s the track …

Maze ft Frankie Beverley ~ Color Blind ~ Capitol ~ 1977

Gosh, it makes a change for me to play a Maze track as Paul normally gets in first. Lifted from their debut album, I remember having this on a 7” single, also their first. It didn’t make the R&B charts in the US, but the band soon scored a loyal following.

Melvin Sparks / Kellee Patterson ~ If It Don’t Fit Don’t Force It ~ 2006 / 1977

For the show, Steve did a mix of two versions of a great song that faired very well in the UK and US for Kellee Patterson in 1977 reaching #44 UK and # 10 US R&B. The Melvin Sparks version is a much later copy from 2006 and his album ‘Groove On Up’, the title track being a sublime chilled jazzy track. In this mix the verses are repeated, as I thought it interesting to compare the vocal delivery in the two (and I needed to fill time).

Here’s the Kellee Patterson version …

To hear steve’s mix of the two versions – in fact to hear the whole show CLICK HERE for our Podomatic Podcast.




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