Rose Royce, Unique, and Grant Green, as played by Paul

22 06 2011

Rose Royce ~ Best Love ~Epic ~ 1982

From their Stronger Than Ever album Rose Royce and Best Love which was written by Robert Daniels and Ron Artis who produced it with Norman Whitfield. This was after the departure of Gwen Dickey, it made 64 on the US R&B chart

Unique ~ What I’ve Got Is What You Need ~ Prelude ~ 1983

Unique was a Deems J Smith project. What I’ve got was written by Deems Smith with Darryl Henry, and Mona Marie Norris, it was mixed by David Todd with Nick Martinelli and mastered by Herb Powers Jr – you can see his signature and trade mark smiley face etched into the run out groove.

Grant Green ~ Future Feature ~ Kudu ~ 1976

Guitarist Grant Green From the Main Attraction album recorded with flautist Hubert Laws. The track was written by the albums arranger/conductor Dave Matthews

Doh! No video.
To hear Future Feature you can always stream or download the whole of Show 85 from our Podomatic Podcast page CLICK HERE




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