Spoonie Gee, Sequence, and T Ski Valley, selected by Steve

24 06 2011

Spoonie Gee ~ Spoonie Rap ~ Sound Of New York Records USA ~ 1979

Obviously, one of the very early rap records, this was produced by Peter Brown of P&P records fame, Queen Constance Records (another one of hi labels) being the parent company to S.O.N.Y. Spoonie Gee was born in Harlem as Gabriel Jackson, has been credited as the inventor of the term ‘hip hop’, enjoyed several bouts of success, his biggest being in the late ‘80s on Tuff City Records and is still active to this day.

Sequence – Funk You Up ~ Sugar Hill Records ~ 1979

From Columbia, South Carolina, another of the very early Rap records and the first to be on national release by a female crew, SFAIK; it was the next release after Rapper’s Delight on Sugar Hill and made number 15 R&B.

T Ski Valley – Catch The Beat Grand Groove Records 1981.

We’ve played the newer remix of this by Dimitri from Paris & Mousse T and we’ve played the instrumental, so it REALLY is about time we played the version that most people might know. An absolute classic, it was of course on his own record label, which was based in White Plains Road, in the Bronx, part of Brad Osbourne’s Clock Tower Records.




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