Rick James, Run DMC, Soul II Soul, and Frances Nero, as played by Paul

3 07 2011

Rick James ~ Bustin’ Out ~ Gordy US / Motown UK ~ 1979

On Motown from 1979 James Ambrose Johnson AKA Rick James with Bustin Out the opening track from his second album Bustin’ Out Of L7 L7 is slang for square Written by Rick, it made number 71 on the Hot 100, and 8 on the US R&B chart.

Run DMC ~ Walk This Way~ Profile US / London UK~ 1986

Run DMC From their Raising Hell album Joseph (Run) Simmons , Darryl (DMC) McDaniels, and Jason Jam Master Jay) Mizell , featuring Aerosmith and the brilliant Walk This Way. Originally written by Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler and Joe Perry for their 1975 Toys In The Attic album, this reworking was produced by Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons. It was a huge international hit and won both groups a Soul Train Music Award for Best Rap – Single in 1987. Chart-wise it peaked at 4 on the Hot 100, 8 US R&B, and 8 also on the UK Top 40

Soul II Soul ~ A Dream’s A Dream ~ 10 Records UK / Virgin US ~ 1990

The original funky dreads Soul II Soul from their second album A Dream’s A Dream. Written by Jazzie B who mixed and produced it with Nellee Hooper. It was a number 6 on the Uk Top 40, 85 Hot 100, 19 US R&B, and 3 on the US Dance chart.

Frances Nero ~ Footsteps ~ Motorcity Records ~ 1990

In 1965, at the age of 22 Frances Nero beat 5,000 other contestants in a competition to win a contract with Motown. When she emerged the winner in June 1965 she won $500, a dozen long stemmed red roses, and the one year contract.

Skip forward almost 25 years and she was contacted by Uk producer, Ian Levine to record for his Motorcity Records label. Levine has produced over 100 former Motown artists but Frances Nero gave him the biggest hit of his career with “Footsteps Following Me”. British Disc Jockeys dubbed it “the soul anthem of the nineties” – I’d probably agree with that. Number 17 in the UK – what a flippin’ tune!

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