The Bar-Kays, Boiling Point, and Keith Barrow, chosen by Steve

4 07 2011

Bar-Kays ~ Let’s have Some Fun ~ Mercury ~ 1977

Originally formed in 1966, they really transformed themselves in the ‘70s and then again in the ‘80s. Always funky, it’s just that the degree of funk got harder and harder as time went on. A number 11 on the US R&B chart in January ’78.

and here they are a couple of years ago performing it live …

Boiling Point ~ Let’s Get Funktified ~ Bullet Records US/ Bang UK. ~ 1978
Another track where I almost wore out the grooves. This was right in my bag at the time and I’m happy to report the dancers at my then residency highly approved of it too. The Atlanta, Georgia trio fared much better in the UK than in its native USA making an astonishing number 41 over here in dear old blighty (#35 R&B US).

Keith Barrow ~ Turn Me Up ~ Columbia ~ 1979

I’m playing this for Bernie of as he’s one of the few people on the planet who likes it as much as I do. Yet another slice of sophisticated disco, however this time, one that should be better known and should have done better BITD. The former Gospel singer from Chicago, had just the one R&B hit in the USA, this wasn’t it, although it did reasonably well disco-wise.

To hear the whole show CLICK HERE for the Podomatic Podcast – you can stream it live or download it for later.



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