The Trammps, The Players Association, and Samuel Johnson, selected by Steve

14 07 2011

The Trammps ~ Disco Inferno ~ Atlantic 1976
The Players Association ~Vanguard 1977 Disco Inferno ~ 1977

As we haven’t yet played the Trammps version of this Disco anthem of anthems on the show, I thought it might be a good idea to marry these two, which were both made during the Disco years. The Trammps original is a real powerhouse and recently I heard a 20 minute Tom Moulton mix of it, that was amazing. However, as anyone who knows me would tell you, for me the Players Association version, especially the trumpet solo, is truly stunning.

Lavias – Do You Wanna Dance Golden Pyramid US/UK 1983.

One day more people might latch onto this, my favourite dance track of all time. Until they do, I’ll just give it a spin as often as I can, without annoying peeps too much. The rap artist is Mike T and the saxophonist is Joe Thomas. Enjoy.

CLICK HERE for the full Podomatic Podcast of Show 89




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