Flakes, Teddy Pendergrass, and the Isley Brothers, played by Paul

16 07 2011

Flakes ~ Sugar Frosted Lover ~ Magic Disc Record US / Calibre ~ UK ~ 1980
From the album 1980 Flakes 1, we played this for Silvio in Argentina. Last time we played this Steve mentioned the video on You Tube and suggested we might contribute to some more views. Well all the videos from that account have now been removed following complaints about copy-write infringement, something we always think is really sad. The track is available from iTunes etc – so if you like it – buy it!
Here’s the track, put up on the JFSR video page, let’s improve on the 278 hits it has as I type!

Teddy Pendergrass ~ The More I Get ~ PIR ~ 1977

A great track, taken from his debut album written by McFadden, Whitehead, Victor Carstarphen.

Here’s Teddy on Soul Train

Isley Brothers ~ Dancin’ Around The World
Ahh … er …
OK, I know nothing at all about this track, I don’t even know what year it was recorded. I have it on a hits album, it was probably a “includes 3 new songs” kind-of track to encourage fans who already had a lot of the songs to buy the album. There isn’t even a video that I can find on-line.

So if you’d like to hear it, you’ll need to CLICK HERE to go to our Podomatic podcast which you can stream live or download for later.




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