Pockets, Patrice Rushen,and Shalamar, the show starters from Steve

16 07 2011

It’s the first three from our latest show which is available to download.
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Our shows are now only going out on Jazz Funk Soul Radio on Thursdays, and the Podcast is available the same evening.

We also “rewind” on of our older posts very Monday, so that’s two Gold shows every week.

Pockets ~ Come Go With Me ~ Columbia ~ 1977

First up, one of those tracks that has been largely forgotten over the years, although at the time it created quite a buzz. Produced by Verdine White of EW&F, this soulful, gospel sounding track made #17 R&B in the USA, with their very first single from their first album for Columbia.

Patrice Rushen ~ Number One ~ Elektra ~ 1984

A track from the Grammy award winning, highly talented composer, keyboardist and vocalist who managed to mould a light jazz sound within classy dance rhythms. This single was lifted from her LP ‘Straight From The Heart’. Although she scored 8 top 40 R&B hits between ’79 and ’87, this wasn’t one of them, but worth a spin none the less.

Shalamar ~ I Can Make You Feel Good ~ Solar ~ 1982

I love this Shalamar track for the totally understated nature of it. It would have been so easy to have given a more ‘over the top’ delivery, but the chilled mellowness just seems so right to me. #33 R&B USA, but a # 7 on the UK top 40.




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