Hidden Strength, Herman Kelly & Life, and Miami, selected by Steve

17 07 2011

Hidden Strength ~ Hustle On Up (Do The Bump) ~ UA ~ 1975

Sounding a little dated on release, this was a dancefloor smash for me and a record I played a fair amount BITD. It became a sought after track on vinyl a few years back, so my 7” is staying in the collection. A 12” version is out there too, but I’ve never heard it.

Herman Kelly & Life ~ Dance To The Drummer’s Beat ~ Electric CAT/Alston/TK ~ 1978

Out on 12” on TK records, this had some interest at the time, but became better known after the B Boys picked up on it and used it extensively for the percussion breakdowns.

Miami ~ Disco Weekend ~ TK ~ 1977

And now for a more familiar sounding TK 12”, that has a similar happy, goodtime feel that stable mates KC & the Sunshine Band perfected. I love this track for the lyrics as much as the pure danceability… dance all Sunday for 50 cents, indeed. Listen and get down with yo bad self.




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