Fatback Band, Steve Walsh, and Cashflow, picked by Paul

19 07 2011

Fatback Band ~ I Found Lovin’ ~ Spring records US /Master Mix Records UK ~ 1983
Written by Johnny Flippin and Michael Walker, produced by Bill Curtis and Gerry Thomas – a huge club hit that made number 7 here in 1984 and stuck around for years!

Steve Walsh ~ I Found Lovin ~ A1 Records ~ 1987
In 1987 DJ Steve Walsh released his version and had a number 9 hit on the UK charts.

Steve was a larger than life DJ who really worked his audience singing over tracks and getting the crowd to join in.

Sadly he died on July 4th 1988 at the age of just 29. He was injured in a car crash in Ibiza and returned to London for further surgery on an injured leg, but he then suffered a heart attack and died.

Cashflow ~ Mine All Mine ~ Atlanta Artists US / Club UK ~ 1986

From Atlanta, Georgia, Ca$hflow were Gaylord Parsons (drums/vocals/raps), Kary Hubbert (lead vocals), James Duffie (keyboards/backing vocals) and Regis Ferguson (keyboards). Mine All Mine was written by Kenny Beck produced by Larry Blackmon of Cameo fame, and it reached number 15 in the UK Singles Chart in May 1986.




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