Billy Frazier & Friends, Michael Jonzun, and Janet Jackson, as picked by Steve

26 07 2011

Billy Frazier & Friends – Billy Who Biljuma Records US/ Champagne UK 1980 (re-issued April 2011).

Such a fascinating piece of funky dance music didn’t come along very often. To actually garner some interest, especially from DJs eager to play it made this one of THE underground dance hits of its day and yet, how often do you hear it, or see it mentioned? Enyoy, if only for its quirkiness. Recently another (even more obscure/rare) record by Billy Frazier sold for over $1200 on eBay. Who was that guy???

Michael Jonzun ~ Burning Up ~ A&M ~ 1986

A solid performance from Michael just after he left The Jonzun Crew to follow a solo career. It’s from his one and only solo album ‘Money Isn’t Everything’. #76 UK.

Janet Jackson ~ What Have You Done For Me Lately ~ A&M ~ 1986

I used to absolutely love playing this, one of Janet’s earlier hits and her very first number one R&B record. She’s only had a few less R&B Top 40 hits than her late brother Michael, something I find astonishing. OK I have some figures for ya… #1 R&B, # 2 Dance, #4 Billboard Hot 100 #3 UK, her first UK hit the album ‘Control’ had five singles within and sold over 14 Million copies worldwide, wow!




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