Krystol, Steve Washington, and Odyssey ~ Steve starts this weeks show.

29 07 2011

Krystol ~ After The Dance Is Through ~ Epic ~ 1984

Things kick off for me today with a much loved and much respected, huge club track from this Los Angeles band , who scored their album deal through Leon Sylvers, who they met at a hamburger stand… like ya do.

Steve Washington ~ Please Don’t Go ~ Salsoul US/Streetwave UK ~ 1984

Written and produced by Stephen & Sheila Washington, the one-time Slave and Aurra member only achieved minor success with it, although it does ooze a certain amount of class throughout. Makes me wonder why it isn’t slightly better known.

Odyssey ~ Inside Out ~ RCA ~ 1982

A massive hit in the UK for the band, one really wonders why the USA largely forgot about them, although this was one of only three top 40 R&B hits they scored making #12. Over here we loved ‘em and it reached #3 on our national charts, one of their biggest. Dedicate to Liz who celebrated her 40th recently.

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