Daryl Hall, The Family Stand, Coolio, and Grace Jones, selected by Paul

1 08 2011

Daryl Hall ~ Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You ~ Sony ~ 1993

From the wonderful soulful, jazzy, “Soul Alone” album, a track which I’ve played on the show before and I’ll probably play again. The song is actually based around Marvin Gayes “When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You” from his 1978 “Here, My Dear” album, and Daryl reworked the tune with long-time collaborator Sara Allen. It was released a single and was a UK number 30 early in 1994.

The Family Stand ~ Ghetto Heaven ~ Atlantic ~ 1990

A UK number 10, Ghetto Heaven was such an immense track, and the band are still around twenty years later, so it’ hard to believe we haven’t really heard more of them. They come over as a bit of a collective – like Soul II Soul, based around 3 people. In fact Jazze B and Nellee Hooper remixed Ghetto Heaven.

There is an interesting cover of one of my favourite sixties tracks – Happy Together on their most recent album “In A 1,000 Years” which was released last year.

Coolio ~ Ohh La La ~ Tommy Boy ~ 1997

Artis Leon Ivey Jr better known as Coolio from his third album “My Soul” which featured “C U When U Get There”. A UK number 14 in the Autumn of ’97 ~ I’m sure you’ll all be able to spot the sample …

Grace Jones ~ Pull Up To The Bumper ~ Island ~ 1981

Written by Grace with Sly & Robbie and Dana Mano from the Nightclubbing album 101 on the Hot 100 53 UK Top 40 although it spent 7 weeks at number 2 on the Hot Dance Club pPlay chart and went Top 5 on the R&B chart. Made 12 in 1986 in the UK.

You can still hear the whole show courtesy of our Podomatic podcast




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