Leo Mendez Group, Danny Howells & Dick Trevor ft. Erire, and Nicola Conte,

3 08 2011

Leo Mendez Group ~ I Feel Love ~ Lovemonk Records Spain/UK ~ 2006

If anyone knows anything about this band, please get in touch, ‘cos I couldn’t find much at all, when I trawled the internet. All I can tell you is the record label was formed in 2003 in Madrid and this was their second release for them.

Danny Howells & Dick Trevor ft. Erire ~ Dusk Til Dawn ~ CR2 Records ~ 2004

Here we go again. Suffice to say, Danny Howells has had a long, distinguished DJ career and produced tracks from the mid ‘90s to the late noughties. Although known for ‘Tech House’, this sounds pretty commercial to my ears.

Nicola Conte ~ The In Samba ~ Schema Records Italy ~ 2002

The In Samba is taken from the LP ‘Jet Sounds Revisited’. The Italian Guitarist and producer came out with this gem after being noted for introducing a unique style of acid jazz to the world, some years earlier. Apart from being a jazz guitarist who regularly plays at places such as ‘Blue Note’ in Milan, he also does DJ sets too.

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