Le Pamplemousse, Pleasure, The Evasions, picked by Steve

6 08 2011

Le Pamplemousse ~ Get Your Boom Boom Around The Room ~ AVI ~ 1977

One of those nom de grooves that I mentioned a while back of Mssrs Rinder & Lewis, for my money, Le Pamplemousse was probably their best incarnation, as their tracks were generally harder and funkier than say El Coco, Saint Tropez, Tuxedo Junction et al.

Pleasure ~ Take A Chance ~ Fantasy Records ~ 1980

From their album ‘Special Things’ , their sixth and last for fantasy, comes this brilliantly funky, jazzy dancer from the 8/9 piece band from Portland, Oregon discovered by Wayne Henderson.

Evasions ~ Wikka Rap ~ Groove Production UK /SAM US ~ 1981

Now, this is a record of which I wish there was much more information available. Brilliant in concept, with its clever play on words, amazingly authentic Alan Whicker impersonation, use of both Chic’s ‘Good Times’ and Tom Browne’s ‘Thighs High’ as the main rhythmic thrust, it was a big hit with almost everyone. #20 UK July 1981.




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