Hues Corporation, Cerrone, and the Beach Boys, selected by Steve

7 08 2011

Hues Corporation ~ I Caught Your Act ~ Warner Bros ~ 1976

Taken from their 1976 album of the same name, this saw the ‘Rock The Boat’ group on fine form with a rhythmically hard-hitting, yet typically light vocal, disco workout. They were from Los Angeles and supposedly named after Howard Hughes, so now you know.

Cerrone ~ Love In C Minor ~ Malligator France ~ 1976

Reaching into the dim and distant recesses of my mind, I’m thinking this was probably the first ultra long disco track that I ever saw or played. My boss at my then residency certainly loved it and it was certainly a ‘good fit’ with my international mix of punters at that time. #29 US R&B (his only US R&B hit), #31 UK March 1977.

Beach Boys ~ Here Comes The Night ~ Caribou Records ~ 1979

Originally a track from their ‘Wild Honey’ album of 1967, the song was stripped down, reworked and re-recorded to become one of the most unlikely records to ever come out of the Disco scene. it would be very easy to just dismiss this as another example of what ultimately made Disco fall apart and fail, but actually it’s far better than that. Take a listen. #37 UK.

The Gold Oddcast is available now ~ CLICK HERE and you can stream the show live or download it for later.




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