Black Ivory, Haywoode, and David Joseph, selected by Steve

9 08 2011

Black Ivory ~ Mainline ~ Buddah ~ 1979
Written by Leroy Burgess and featuring him on vocals, this three piece group was ‘discovered’ by Patrick Adams, who earlier in their career had somewhat took them under his wings and had them change their name to Black Ivory.

Haywoode ~ Roses ~ CBS ~ 1985
For a very long time back in late ’84 going into ‘85, I can remember thinking this was probably the best dance record of the time, not to make the charts. It hung around for what seemed like an eternity and eventually persistence paid off as it made #65 in the UK. Not as good a position as it deserved, but hey, better than being a total wash out.

David Joseph ~ You Can’t Hide (Your Love From Me) ~ Island ~ 1983
A number 13 in the UK, this is ultimately one of THE classic British dance records of the early Eighties, the remix by Larry Levan being the springboard it needed to really dent the charts. Interestingly, the US 12” on Mango Records has “special thanks to Francois Kevorkian” printed on it, so I just wonder what his involvement was in the project.

So, that it for Show 93 but fear ye not the Gold Oddcast is available now ~ CLICK HERE and you can stream the show live or download it for later.




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