Prince, Richard Jon Smith, and Charades, selected by Steve

15 08 2011

Prince ~ I Wanna Be Your Lover ~ Warner Bros. ~ 1979
The first Prince track I played and played as a DJ and one I still really enjoy hearing. In this mix it runs to about halfway, is then chopped into the next track and then comes back in for the missing second half, after track three. #41 UK Feb 1980. First #1 R&B USA.

Many of you will know that Prince doesn’t like his music on you tube – but here’s a clip of the video with no sound …

Richard Jon Smith ~ My Baby’s Got Another ~ Jive records ~ 1983
Cape Town born Richard Jon Smith had several disco hits in the early 80s, this being one of his best remembered. It was lifted from his self-titled album , that saw a couple of single releases. One of the major producers on the album was Darryl Payne, who’d had plenty of disco success by this time.

Charades ~ Gimme The Funk ~ Blue Parrot1983/Brunswick ~ 1982
The 12” of this was part mixed by John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, possibly the most noteworthy thing about this track, except it does have its fans and somehow the Brunswick 12” was out in ’82, ahead of the smaller label’s release. Very odd, ‘cos normally it would work the other way around. Maybe it’s down to a typo, who knows?

If you’d like to hear the whole show, including the wonderful Prince track, CLICK HERE for our Podomatic Podcast



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