Shakatak, Down To The Bone, and the Breakfast Band, mixed by Steve

16 08 2011

Shakatak ~ Havana Express ~ Shakatak Masters ~ 2008

Shakatak from their 2008 album ‘Full Circle’. What more can be said about this band that are still popular some thirty years on.

Down To The Bone ~ Uptown Hustle ~ 2011

A track from their just released, ninth album ‘The Main Ingredients’, that seems to be picking up lot of plays. Expect more in coming weeks. Some joker already has a used copy for sale on Amazon at three times the new price!

Breakfast Band ~ L.A. 14 ~ Disc Empire ~ 1981

A short-lived London band that made a few LPs and then disappeared. This was taken from their debut album ‘Dolphin Ride’ which also featured on the ‘B’ side to this. What a blinder of a track! Unlike some of the Brit Funk that was released back in those days, these guys had some chops and the production was first class. Now a question. Does the title refer to Barrow -In-Furness, Los Angeles or where?




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