Steve starts Show 95 with Inner Life, The Shades Of Love, and Eli’s Second Coming.

18 08 2011

Inner Life ~ I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) ~ TCT/Prelude Records ~ 1979

Greg Carmichael, Jocelyn Brown, Patrick Adams, there’s three names to conjure with.. This was the title track from their one and only LP and one of two single releases they had for Prelude before moving to Salsoul where they enjoyed a little more success. # 22 R&B

The Shades Of Love ~ Keep In Touch (Body To Body) ~ Venture Records ~ 1982

Again, Patrick Adams had a hand in this track, something I hadn’t realised until I put this mix of tracks together. He certainly got around, didn’t he? Melis’a Morgan was one of the members and they had a handful of single releases.

Eli’s Second Coming ~ Heavenly ~ TK ~ 1977

On to Philly and a track written, arranged and produced by Bobby Eli (born Eli Tatarsky). When not writing, arranging, producing, playing guitar, keyboards and whatever on a myriad other Philly productions, he found time to put together a few under his own name.

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