La Pregunta, Elektrik Funk, and Cleavage, Barah, chosen by Steve

19 08 2011

La Pregunta ~ Chameleon ~ GNP Crescendo ~ 1979

This well known Herbie Hancock track was given the Latin disco treatment by these guys and boy did it tear up the dancefloors. One of those tracks to just enjoy for what it is, a no nonsense boogie. I’ve always wondered why this track isn’t better known, ‘cos even this bumpkin used to play it extensively BITD to packed dancefloors.

Elektrik Funk ~ On A Journey (I Sing The Funk Electric) ~ Prelude ~ 1982

A product of Eric Matthew and Darryl Payne, this was one of those tracks that seemed so far ahead of its time that, it blew people away, especially this instrumental ‘B’ side, which was sooo much better than the vocal side. A one and only release.

Cleavage ~ Barah ~ Studio Records ~ 1987

Like the last track, this was a one-off, only this time the brainchild of someone by the name of Keith Eaddy (I’m guessing, as he played all the instruments except bass and had other releases on the label). Out of all the very early House records I played, this has to be my favourite, simply because it was so brilliant to mix in and out of, or to use as an underlay to others. Here we have an amalgam of the House mix and the Sampled mix, the other mix on the 12” being the D Cup mix.

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