Love Unlimited, Stephanie Mills, and Melba Moore, as mixed by Steve

26 08 2011

Love Unlimited ~ High Steppin’, Hip Dressin’ Fella (You Got It Together) ~ Unlimited Gold ~ 1979

Sisters Goldean and Linda James along with Diane Taylor were Love Unlimited. They’d formed in 1969 and enjoyed success with Barry White as backing vocalists as well as when they branched out on their own, their best knownt hit being the smash ‘Walking In The Rain With The One I Love’. They disbanded in 1980.

Stephanie Mills ~ What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’ ~ 20th Century ~ 1979

Here we have the very distinctive voice of a lady who was on the soul/dance scene for quite some years, always nibbling away at the US R&B charts where she enjoyed five number ones. This was her first R&B hit reaching #8. Another track very well received in the JFSR chatroom on Thursday.

Melba Moore ~ Standing Right Here ~ Buddah ~ 1977

Written and produced by Philly trio, Gene McFadden, John Whitehead and Victor Carstarphen, this little gem sees Melba Moore in fine form on a track that sounds like anything but a Philly production. She was born Beatrice Melba Smith in New York, for my money had one of the sweetest, purest voices on the scene and had already had a successful Broadway career, TV show and chart success, by the time this was released.

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