Incognito, Cesaria Evora, and Vincent Montana Jnr. & The Philly Sound Orchestra, spun by Steve

27 08 2011

Incognito ~ Nights Over Egypt ~ Talkin’ Loud ~ 1999

From a band that seems to just keep getting better and better comes this remake of the Jones Girls classic, but in what was then the happening style of the time. If only I’d known about this type of classy House/Garage music at the time, I’d have a lot more of it in my collection.

Cesaria Evora ~ Sangue De Beirona

I’m playng this for regular listener Gazza who lives in Brazil and recently had a serious illness from which he is still not fully recovered. Cesaria Evora is from the Cape Verde Islands, where she is a national icon, having captured audiences around the world and proudly helped put her country on the map.

Vincent Montana Jnr. & The Philly Sound Orchestra ~ That’s What Love Does ~ PSW ~ 2005

Talking of class, here is a track that has it in abundance, from the vocals of William ‘Smoke’ Howard to the fantastic production, arrangement and vibes playing of Philadelphia main man, Vince Montana Jnr.

You can stream the show or download it for later




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