La Flavour, Santa Esmeralda, and Vicki Sue Robinson, mixed by Steve

30 08 2011

La Flavour ~ Mandolay ~ Sweet City US ~ 1979

Especially for Bernie Lopez, founder and owner of, the premier website in the world for anything and everything disco, comes this big disco hit from a band that started out in 1967 and still performs with some of the original members, to this day. #7 BB Hot 100.

Santa Esmeralda ~ Another Cha Cha ~ Casablanca US ~ 1979

I know many of you may be saying, who? To put the record straight, this band actually held the record for the most album sales (of a dance album) with 15 million sold worldwide of their second LP ‘Santa Esmeralda featuring Leroy Gomez’. By the time this, title track from their fourth album was released, Gomez had left the band and they were much less in favour, but I just love the energy of it.

Vicki Sue Robinson ~ Turn The Beat Around ~ RCA ~ 1976

I hope this gives you an idea of how I like to mix tracks. For me, percussion had always been an important part of great dance records, so when I first heard this track with the lines “Turn the beat around, Love to hear percussion, Turn it upside down” and all the percussion breaks it contained, how could I not fall in love with it? What a classic and yet it never made the UK charts! #1 Disco US.




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