Joyce Sims, Cashflow, and Cameo, mixed by Paul

3 09 2011

Joyce Sims ~ (You Are My) All And All ~ Sleeping Bag ~ 1986

Joyce Sims studied music in college, learning a number of instruments. An agent introduced her to Ron Resnick of Sleeping Bag Records, who signed her in 1986 and she had her first hit with this one (You Are My) All In All It reached 69 US R&B, 6 US Dance and 16 UK

Cashflow ~ Party Freak ~ Atlanta Artists Records / Mercury ~ 1986

From the same year 1986 out of Atlanta, Georgia, Ca$hflow who switched the S in their name to a dollar sign many years before Ke$ha. Party Freak written by Tim Greene produced by Larry Blackman for his Atlanta Artists label

Cameo ~ She’s Strange ~ Atlanta Artists US / Club UK ~ 1984

And talking of Larry Blackman and Atlanta Artists Records here’s Cameo with the title track from their tenth album ~ She’s Strange which kicked off a remarkable three-album run that made Cameo one of the most popular groups of the ’80s.
“She’s Strange” was their first single to top the R&B chart, hitting number one for four weeks in April 1984. It made 47 on the Hot 100, 25 on the US Dance chart and 37 over here – their first UK top 40 record.

CLICK here to get the show




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